Hyperspace ChannelAdvisor Integration for Lightspeed

ChannelAdvisor is a channel management tool that helps you run your multi-channel online business. It provides everything you need to connect with more customers and increase sales on Amazon, eBay, Google, Walmart and dozens of other e-commerce marketplaces. 

Lightspeed  is an all-in-one point of sale solution. Lightspeed is the leading provider of cloud-based POS software powering over 50,000 businesses world-wide.

Hyperspace enables you to easily connect Lightspeed to your ChannelAdvisor account. You are able to manage all data and create listings on ChannelAdvisor directly from Lightspeed.

Hyperspace syncs all product, product variants, images, inventory and more to ChannelAdvisor. It keeps your in-store Point of Sale in sync with your online marketplace inventory. 

All ChannelAdvisor sales orders, including customer data, sync back to Lightspeed The Hyperspace ChannelAdvisor integration ensures that all product data and stock in your store or warehouse is reflected in listings on all of your marketplaces. It ensured that complete data synchronization is shared across all your online channels.

Product Integration 

When first connecting Lightspeed to ChannelAdvisor you need to consider how products will be associated.

2 systems cannot sync inventory against the other. One system will end up overwriting data in the other system and stock will never be accurate. 

The Hyperspace integration is designed to sync all stock changes from Lightspeed to ChannelAdvisor. When a sale occurs on ChannelAdvisor, Hyperspace downloads the sale back to Lightspeed. By default, the ChannelAdvisor sale in Lightspeed will adjust stock perfectly even if another sale is happening at the exact same second in the store. 

You can create store locations and warehouses in Lightspeed and all stock will sync correctly to ChannelAdvisor.

In fact, you can even create reports about ChannelAdvisor sales orders over any date range for any Channel (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc) inside of Lightspeed.


Connecting products in Lightspeed to ChannelAdvisor

There are a few solutions here you can consider. Keep in mind the our integration is designed to sync new products from Lightspeed to create new products automatically in ChannelAdvisor. Lightspeed serves as the Master Source System syncing all product data and product images to all marketplaces.

Option 1:

New or Existing Lightspeed Point of Sale with a new (empty) ChannelAdvisor account.

If you have a new or existing Lightspeed with product data and there are no products in ChannelAdvisor, you can easily create all new products in ChannelAdvisor by entering them into Lightspeed first. This is the easiest solution. You can define which products will sync to ChannelAdvisor inside Lightspeed. 

Timeline. There is no cost and no timeline with Option 1.

Option 2:

New (empty) Lightspeed with an existing ChannelAdvisor account.

We can do a 1-time reverse sync service of all products from ChannelAdvisor into Lightspeed initially. It is required that there are no products in Lightspeed when this is done. Hyperspace can sync all products from ChannelAdvisor back into Lightspeed for the initial setup.

Once this is done, you will use Option 1 for all new products moving forward. You will create all products in Lightspeed, mark which ones should be created in ChannelAdvisor and sync them automatically as new products to ChannelAdvisor.  This project can be more complex because there are elements in ChannelAdvisor that do not perfectly match to Lightspeed. 

Timeline: 3-4 weeks

Option 3: 

You can use Hyperspace Product Information Management (PIM) to populate both systems.  Hyperspace Product Information Management (PIM) provides a single place to collect, manage, and enrich your product information, create a product catalog, and distribute it to channels. Hyperspace PIM makes it faster and easier to create and deliver compelling product experiences.

Hyperspace PIM establishes one source of truth for product information. It streamline the on-boarding process for suppliers and data providers. This improves the quality and consistency of product data across all channels delivering a compelling product experience to drive great customer experiences.

Larger organizations work with thousands of products and product combinations. 1 product can come in hundreds of styles, colors and sizes with unlimited variations. Hyperspace PIM provides a single interface in which to manage all product data and automate the distribution of data to your channels. This includes your eCommerce platform, Point of Sale, ERP and more.

Timeline: 8 weeks

Option 4: 

Existing Lightspeed with an existing ChannelAdvisor account for Simple products

This solution is for clients that have already populated data in both systems, but most or all of their products are simple products. A simple product is a product that has no variants (e.g. size, color). A shoe that appears on Amazon in 8 different sizes would be considered a product with variants.  A dress that appears in Shopify or BigCommerce with a drop-down for colors would be considered a variant product.

If the custom sku in Lightspeed matches the custom sku in ChannelAdvisor, Hyperspace can connect these products together. 

Timeline: 1-2 weeks

Option 5: 

Existing Lightspeed with an existing ChannelAdvisor account for Item-Matrix products and other complex products

This solution is for clients that have already populated data in both systems and products in each system are very complex or contain variants. With this solution, you will still need to create products in both systems always (unless you implement Option 3 above down the road). 

With this solution you activate 'Inventory Only Mode' in Hyperspace.

This mode will do the following:

1. Once per day (12 am) Hyperspace will find all new products added to Lightspeed. It will find all new products added to ChannelAdvisor.  It will match products in both systems by the sku.

Lightspeed Custom sku = ChannelAdvisor sku

You must be careful to avoid duplicate sku's in either system.

2. Hyperspace will sync stock from Lightspeed products to ChannelAdvisor products for all 'connected' products. No additional product data or images will sync, only stock. You will need to manage product data in both systems. Only inventory will sync.

3. Hyperspace will download sales orders to Lightspeed to adjust stock. ChannelAdvisor sales that contain non-connected products will not sync back to Lightspeed.  it is important that you implement procedures to ensure that products entered in ChannelAdvisor are always created in Lightspeed so they will become connected products.

Timeline: 2-3 weeks



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