Hiding Out of Stock Products in Shopify


Step 1: Enable Inventory Tracking

Products synced from Lightspeed to Shopify have this step enabled by default. You can spot check a few products to make sure. For most clients you can skip this step and move to Step 2.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products.

  2. Click one of your products.

  3. Optional: Open a variant.

  4. In the Inventory section, check Shopify Tracks this product's inventory.

  5. Click Save.



Step 2: Set your Collections Rule

To hide out of stock products you need to set a rule for each collection. There is no option to do this for all collections (categories) at once. You need to set a rule for each collection.

Depending on your version of Shopify this is called 'Conditions' or 'Terms'.  In Shopify you can set conditions for each collection.

The goal is to create a rule that does this:

"For all products in X collection only show items with inventory greater than 0"


To do this you need to click on the collection and set a condition rule.

A. For Products must match, select all conditions.

B. For Inventory stock, select is greater than and enter 0.

That rule will hide all products that have 0 stock on the collection page.


Use an App Instead

Alternatively, there are some good Shopify Apps that can do even more. For example, this one does a pretty good job.

Zero Out







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