Weight Scale Integration for Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail does not support fractional quantities. This cannot be modified or changed. This article explains how the Hyperspace Weight Scale Application works in order to enable fractional quantities to function.

Cashiers can weigh different items on a sale and/or return to the sale in Lightspeed Retail at anytime. Once the cashier returns to the sale in Lightspeed Retail, all products and prices will be pre-populated into the sale automatically. 

Here is how it works in a nutshell...

The Cashier clicks the New Sale button in Lightspeed Retail.


The Cashier clicks the Weigh Product button in the Lightspeed Retail sales window and a new browser window/tab appears that enables the Cashier to select items.


The new window looks and feels exactly like Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale. All of the products that the Cashier can weigh appear on the screen. They select one and enter the weight. The Cashier can select another and enter the weight.

(Note: You can also integrate a weight scale that supports bluetooth connections.)


The price per increment is auto-calculated for the Cashier. See below.


The Weight Application does not manage inventory. The fractional amount that is weighed appears on the line item on the sale (see below). The fractional amount that is weighed also appears on the receipt in Lightspeed Retail that is given to the customer.

The actual stock that is reduced in Lightspeed Retail is always 1 unit per line item. It is designed for retailers that sell items in bins or bulk. So even if you weigh an item that is 5.4 ounces, the actual stock reduced in Lightspeed for that product is 1. The price is correct and the receipt is correct, but only 1 unit of stock is adjusted in Lightspeed Retail.


There is no option to sell or adjust stock in increments using Lightspeed Retail.   The only add-on to this solution that could help would be an 'end-of-day' incremental stock report that would notify you about stock that was sold through the Application. That report is not available currently, but it could be added to this add-on app with professional services.



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