Using Lightspeed Gift Cards in Shopify

Lightspeed provides their own gift card solution. There is no cost to use this feature, it is included in your Lightspeed subscription.

Hyperspace provides a Lightspeed Gift Card Plugin, but it is reserved for Shopify Plus users.

Here is why:

With any eCommerce site customers usually add items to the cart, click checkout, enter their billing/shipping address and preferred shipping method.

The next step is to choose your payment method. If a website is setup to use gift cards, often you click gift card and enter your gift card number.

The checkout page displays the total balance on your gift card and asks how much you want to apply to your purchase.  You enter the preferred amount you wish to apply to your online sale.

Often the gift card does not cover the entire amount of your order so you have use a credit card or PayPal to close out the remaining balance left.

Our Shopify Gift Card plugin allows for all those function to operate on your Shopify Checkout page. It checks gift card balances in Lightspeed in real-time and reduces balances in Lightspeed when the sale is complete.

Unfortunately, Shopify does not allow access to install checkout page plugins unless you are using Shopify Plus.

So this means that Shopify prohibits using the Lightspeed Gift Card Plugin unless you are using Shopify Plus instead of standard Shopify.



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