Shopify Collections and Product Types

Shopify provides 2 solutions in which products are put into 'grouped' categories. 

1. Collections

2. Product Types

Collections in Shopify are only designed to be a top or primary level category. You cannot sync Collections as nested sub-categories with the Shopify API. Shopify does provide a good solution to create sub-levels or drop-down menus in your navigation.

For example, if your store has MENS, WOMENS and KIDS on the top menu, these would be top or first level categories. Hyperspace will sync these Categories from Lightspeed to Shopify as Collections. You can make Collections a sub-level category also. We will tell you how that is done later in this article.

Syncing 1st Level Categories in Lightspeed

When Hyperspace syncs to Shopify, it will sync the 1st or primary category in Lightspeed as a Collection in Shopify.  You can click on Collections in Shopify and see the Collections.

Syncing 2nd or 3rd Level Categories in Lightspeed

When Hyperspace syncs to Shopify, it will sync 2nd or 3rd level categories as Product Types. You can click on a product in Shopify that has a 2nd or 3rd level category in Lightspeed and see that it has a specific product type.

How do I add a sub-menu under a Collection?

Let's say you want to create a sub-menu under MENS called SHIRTS.

The easiest way to do this is to assign that 2nd level category to a product in Lightspeed and sync it to Shopify.  In Shopify, that product type will be auto-assigned to that product.

The next step is to create a Collection in Shopify called SHIRTS with specific conditions like this:


This will create a Collection that will automatically show all products where the Product Type = SHIRTS.

The second step is to add this to your Navigation menu.

In your Shopify Admin, search for Navigation.


Click on the blue Navigation bar.

Then click on your Main Menu.


Inside your Main Menu you can click on a menu item and add that collection under it.

Click the add button



 You can name the category and then under "link" you can choose the correlating category to link it to. 


 Once done you can press add and it will appear in your Shopify menu. 





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