Apple Device Enrollment - Legend of Order Status

Legend of Order Status:


  1. Yellow Dot/Blue Background - New Order, Ready to Register to Apple Device Enrollment


  1. Green Dot/Green Background - Registered to Apple Device Enrollment Successfully


  1. Green Dot/Red Background - Registered to Apple Device Enrollment with ERRORS (Call Hyperspace)


  1. Green Dot/ Blue Background - Order Request Sent to Apple already (Please click Check Transaction Status for this Order to see the results)


     5. Yellow Dot/Yellow Background - See below:

The Order is ready to be sent to Apple, but you have not marked one or more items on the order to enroll to Apple. Double-check to make sure you didn't forget to click the checkbox for one or more devices (serial numbers) on this order. In the Inventory tab, you click the checkbox next to the device to enroll to Apple. This may be intentional and there may be items on the order that should not be enrolled to Apple. It is ok to send a Yellow order to Apple.  The Yellow color is just a warning.


    6.  Orange Dot/ Orange Background - A sale that was enrolled to DEP was returned in the Point of Sale. This action triggers an automatic return in Hyperspace. Orange orders are returns which unenroll the device from Apple DEP.


   7.  Red Dot/Green Background - This indicates one of 2 things:

A. The entire order was successfully voided by an employee and all devices on the order have been unenrolled.

B. One or more devices on this order have been returned. 

You can select the order and click the SHOW ORDER DETAILS button to see the status of the order. 


8. Red Dot/Blue Background- This is the same as #7 above, but you have not clicked the Check Transaction Status button or Apple is still reviewing this request. 

You can select the order and click the SHOW ORDER DETAILS button to see the status of the order. 







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