Lightspeed API: Purchase Orders and Special Orders

With the Lightspeed application programming interface (API), you can expand the functionality of Lightspeed with third party application integrations. Lightspeed offers one of the most advanced API integrations over any Point of Sale solution on the market. 

There are 2 areas in the API that have not been released yet. This means that Hyperspace cannot build integrations or apps that require these 2 functions.

Purchase Orders

You can create a Purchase Order, edit a Purchase Order - but you cannot receive items on a Purchase Order automatically. An employee must receive items on a Purchase Order inside Lightspeed. Any integration that requires you to receive items on an existing Purchase Order is not allowed.

Special Orders

You cannot create a Special Order, update a Special Order or close a Special Order using the Lightspeed API. Special Orders in Lightspeed are read only. Any integration that requires you to create a Special Order is not allowed in Lightspeed.

We will update this post when these functions are available, but as of 01/05/2019 these 2 functions are not allowed using the Lightspeed API.


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