Sync Lightspeed Custom Fields to Shopify Tags

Lightspeed enables you to create custom fields for each product. The Hyperspace integration enabled you to sync the value of your custom field in Lightspeed to Shopify. 

Step 1: First create your custom field in Lightspeed.

Step 2: Login to your Hyperspace settings (Account Settings > Web Store Settings) and scroll down to the section in your Hyperspace Web Store settings called: Product Custom Field.



If you do not see your custom fields in the drop-down list, click the SYNC button at the top right corner of this section.


Step 3: Enter a name or label in the Name field. Then select a custom field that exists in Lightspeed from the drop-down menu. Click the UPDATE button to save. You can continue repeating this process for as many custom fields as you want.

When you sync a product from Lightspeed to Shopify it will appear like this:

<Name>_<Value in Lightspeed >

So if the name is 'template" and the value in Lightspeed for a specific product is 'wide2',

Hyperspace will create a tag in Shopify like this:  template_tag2 

This enables your Shopify developer to create scripts that can do product specific things in Shopify. You can add as many custom fields as you want to your Hyperspace-Shopify Integration.



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