Does Hyperspace offer a 30 day trial for its integrations?

Typically we do not offer trial accounts for our integrations for 3 reasons:

1. Many of the integrations require our staff to setup and train the client. There are several settings built into each integration so you can tailor it to suite your needs. We find it to be a benefit when our staff can review these with you and make sure everything is setup correctly.

Your initial 1st month's payment covers our time and expense related to setup and training, so we are already providing the first month at no cost. 

2. Our integrations do not have long-term contracts.This means that there is no long-term commitments. You can start using the service for 1 month and cease to use it the following month. There is no large financial investment required to try out a Hyperspace integration. There is no commitment outside of the initial 1st month payment which covers our initial setup costs.

3. Many of our integrations have a 100% client retention record and the remaining have over 95%. This means that the majority of clients that have started using Hyperspace are still here today. Our retention rate is exceptional. 

For example, our retention rate for Shopify and WooCommerce integration is currently at 99.2%. 



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