eBay Lightspeed Connector - How do I add a custom field for eBay Condition for Lightspeed?

For eBay, the custom field name in Lightspeed should be "eBay Item Condition". It should be created as a Lightspeed drop-down menu with ID numbers. You should only put numeric values in Lightspeed, no text.

1000   New      
1500   New other (see details)      
1750   New with defects      
2000   Manufacturer refurbished      
2500   Seller refurbished      
2750   Like New      
3000   Used      
4000   Very Good      
5000   Good      
6000   Acceptable      
7000   For parts or not working  

Your drop-down choices in Lightspeed should perfectly match the ID number accepted by eBay for your specific product category.


You would enter these ID numbers into the drop-down menu of Lightspeed. This will enable your employees to select the condition type when creating a product in Lightspeed.  Hyperspace also allows you to create a field called 'Ebay Item Condition Notes'. This will also sync to eBay when you list items.

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