Shopify Reverse Sync

Shopify Reverse Product Data and Image Sync

If you have an existing Shopify site and are just getting started with Lightspeed, Hyperspace offers Shopify Reverse Sync to make the entire process simple and easy to integrate the 2 systems.  

With Hyperspace you are able to sync all product data and images from Shopify into Lightspeed for the initial setup. This is a one-time process that creates all products that exist in Shopify inside your Lightspeed.

This provides retailers with 4 significant benefits:

  1. Shopify Reverse Sync helps make the transition into Lightspeed easier.  It saves you time by creating all products in Retail, including product images. It also creates Item-Matrix (Master) products with Attribute Sets and Attributes if you have products in Shopify with variants.  It eliminates the need to prepare product import sheets or manually enter product data.
  2. Shopify Reverse Sync imports data into Lightspeed that cannot be imported by the Lightspeed Data Import team through a spreadsheet. The Shopify weight and the Shopify web long description is imported into Lightspeed during the sync.
  3. Integrating 2 systems together (Lightspeed + Shopify) that each have different product data can be very complex and expensive. Product data, sku, UPC and attributes could greatly vary from one system to the other. On occasion, one system has to be wiped clean in order to integrate to the other system.  By using Shopify Reverse Sync all products in Shopify are perfectly connected to all products in Lightspeed. You are assured that 100% of the products in both systems are seamlessly connected with 0 errors. This also enables your Shopify integration to go live instantly.
  4. Shopify Reverse Sync provides a safe and simple way to integrate your Lightspeed to a live production Shopify site

Contact your Hyperspace Representative today to learn more about Shopify Reverse Sync for Lightspeed.


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