Adding the connected Salesforce ID custom field into Lightspeed Retail

The Hyperspace Salesforce integration will create customers in Salesforce when syncing customers and sales from Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale.

When a customer is created by Hyperspace, that customer is 'connected' between the 2 systems.  Customers are connected even when there is no email address in either system.  The Internal Customer ID in Lightspeed Retail is connected to the internal Customer ID in Salesforce. This ensures that duplicate records will not be created in Salesforce even when there is no email address in Lightspeed Retail for the customer.

You can activate a custom field in Lightspeed Retail to display the 'connected' Internal Customer ID in Salesforce. 

First create a custom field in Lightspeed Retail called 'Customer ID in Salesforce'

Be sure to create the title of the custom field like the example below. Please capitalize and spell it exactly like the example.


In Hyperspace you can activate a setting to populate this field. It is located in Account Settings > Salesforce Settings.


This setting will start populating the data once activated for new customer records. It will not retroactively populate it for customers that are already created by Hyperspace in Salesforce.


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