How do taxes sync from the eCommerce site to Lightspeed

With any eCommerce platform you create and modify your own tax rates and tax rules inside the eCommerce admin.  You also create your own tax rates and rules inside the Point of Sale.

Lightspeed does not allow Hyperspace to sync tax amounts from one system to the other. That is prohibited by Lightspeed. Hyperspace downloads the entire sale to Lightspeed and Lightspeed uses its own tax rules and tax rates to apply taxes to the sale. It examines the line items on the sale and the region and calculates the tax. Hyperspace cannot override this.

For clients that do not have a tax rate setup to perfectly match the tax totals created by the eCommerce sale, there is a solution in place to address that.

Hyperspace looks for a matching tax rate to use when importing the order into Lightspeed. It attempts to find a tax rate that already exists in Lightspeed that will make the perfect calculation to ensure taxes come in at the perfect amount.  Remember online sales can be much more complex than in-store sales. You have shipping, discounts and more to contend with. Also, Lightspeed has restrictions when applying taxes to a sale with multiple line items.

Lightspeed is also one of the only Point of Sale platforms that rounds out to 4 digits instead of 2 in its tax calculations. That factor alone can require additional tax rates to be created in the Point of Sale.

If Hyperspace cannot locate this tax rate in Lightspeed, it will create the tax rate in Lightspeed and then import the sale into Lightspeed using that tax rate. This is how Hyperspace always ensures that the tax total generated by the sale in your eCommerce platform downloads into Lightspeed with the correct tax total every time.  That is also why you occasionally see tax rates in Lightspeed that might look like this: 9.11433%.

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