What does the subscription support cover in my App or Integration?

Lightspeed is a cloud-hosted solution. You cannot install software into Lightspeed. Most of the applications we integrate into Lightspeed are cloud-hosted such as Salesforce, Shopify and NetSuite.

This means the integration component that Hyperspace is building for you also needs to be cloud-hosted on a server. 

A cloud-hosted solution requires a server. This server needs to be maintained for security, updates and backup. In addition, there are charges for storage and bandwidth utilization.  With any App or Integration we build, there are always ongoing 'overhead' charges to host your solution and ensure that it operates perfectly.

Lightspeed and the 3rd party integrators also release updates. Sometimes these updates affect the API and require Hyperspace to update your integration. Any API update that is required for your integration is 100% covered in your subscription. There will be no cost to you for Hyperspace to develop, test and implement the update.

Your support and subscription includes any training, follow-up support and minor bug fixes that are needed.



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