NetSuite Error: Credit card number is not valid.

Credit card number is not valid. Please check that all digits were entered correctly.

If you are receiving a message in Hyperspace with this error, it is likely that the payment method you mapped sales orders to has a NetSuite type that requires credit card data. This usually occurs when someone in your organization changes NetSuite Payment Method settings in NetSuite.

In Hyperspace, there is a place where you select payment methods in Lightspeed and associate them to their corresponding payment methods in NetSuite. 

Example 1:

First you choose one of the payment methods in the NetSuite Payment Methods drop-down. Then you choose one from the Lightspeed Payment Methods drop-down. Click the Route NetSuite Payment Method button and the association will appear below. Here is an example of one client's setup.


Here is another example of another client's setup. 

Example 2: 


In this example, if the Credit Card - Cayan and Debit Card - Cayan do not have a NetSuite Payment Method Type = Offline, you will see this error.

You cannot associate a payment method to a NetSuite payment type that requires credit card data. n NetSuite, you can click on the payment method (Name) and under it there is an option to select the Type. The NetSuite Payment Type should be 'offline' for any payment method associated to a Lightspeed payment method.


Hyperspace does not store credit card data. It does not send credit card data to NetSuite ERP when downloading sales. So every payment method it uses must have a NetSuite Payment Method Type = Offline.

In order to resolve this error you have 3 options:

A. You can change the NetSuite Payment Type from Payment Card back to Offline.

B. You can create new Payment Types in NetSuite and map your payment methods in Lightspeed to those inside your Hyperspace settings.

C. You can use existing Payment Types in NetSuite that already have a Type = Offline and map your payment methods in Lightspeed to those inside your Hyperspace settings.


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