Image Sync Settings for Shopify x Lightspeed

The Hyperspace integration will sync images from Lightspeed to Shopify. There are a few settings to note that control how product images sync from Lightspeed to Shopify.

1. The first and foremost setting is Sync Images.


If this setting is Enabled all product images will sync from Lightspeed to Shopify.  If you are loading images into Shopify directly, they will be overwritten or erased by the ones in Lightspeed. Even if Lightspeed has no image, it will still overwrite the image in Shopify. There is an exception to this rule (See #2 below)

2. If you want to manage images in both places you can enable the setting Do not update images after product creation.


If this setting is enabled, Hyperspace will create the image in Shopify when it creates the product for the very first time. All subsequent syncs will not update the image. This means that you can update the image directly in Shopify and Hyperspace will not overwrite it.  Even if you update the image in Lightspeed, it will not sync the new image to Shopify. Hyperspace will only update the image when it creates the product for the very first time

3. There is also a setting called Manage the image order in where you can choose where to manage the order of images; Lightspeed or Shopify. If you are loading multiple images for 1 product, you can choose to control the sort order in Lightspeed or Shopify.


4. There is 1 last setting you can enable for image sync. If you sell a lot of products with variants (e.g sizes) and they all have the same image, you can enable Only sync images from the Item-Matrix Master.


This will sync the image you loaded to the Item-Matrix and also load the same image to all the children products too. This saves you time from having to load the image to the Master and all children in Lightspeed. There is no reason to load the images to all the children if they all have the same image anyhow. 

In short, you can load images to the Master and it will auto-apply to all the variant children when it syncs to Shopify.




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