Locating your Data Center and Account ID in NetSuite ERP


Locating your Account ID

Login to NetSuite ERP and go to Setup > Company > Company Information. Look for the field called Account ID as seen below:

NetSuite Account Number ID

Next go to Support

Click the Go to SuiteAnswers button >Screen_Shot_2019-06-14_at_9.25.38_AM.png Contact Support by Phone.

A new window will open and show you your NetSuite Account Number.

NetSuite Account Number

Locating your Data Center

When you login to NetSuite you can see your data center ID in the URL.  It usually follows the word system. A data center for NetSuite is typically na1, na2, na3...

Modifying your Data Center in Hyperspace

On occasion, NetSuite will modify your Data Center. 

If you need to modify the Data Center settings that Hyperspace uses you can easily do that inside of Hyperspace.  Login to Hyperspace and go to Account Settings > NetSuite settings.

You will see a button that looks like this at the top of the page.


Click this button and let it run for 3-5 minutes.

You will see a setting further down the page that looks like this.


This is where you select your Data Center. There is no save button, you just select the option from the drop-down menu and Hyperspace will use that data center when syncing to NetSuite.


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