Order Routing Queue operations

In Hyperspace there are settings to enable your order routing queue. See below.


You can activate Order Routing Management and also setup an email for notifications when sales are put into the order routing queue.

What is Order Routing Management used for?

Sales will not download to Lightspeed if they are in the Order Routing queue. Sales will be held in the Order Routing queue until the user pushes them to a store or voids them. Sales are held in the Order Routing queue for 2 reasons:

A. The stock to fulfill the order does not exist at one or more stores in Lightspeed.

B. The order has numerous products and the logic for your integration cannot split the order into numerous pieces when sending it to Lightspeed.

You can see your sales in the order routing queue by clicking on the Invoices tab at the top of Hyperspace and then selecting the Order Routing button.


You will see the Order Routing button on the top right corner of the Invoices screen.


The order routing queue will display a listing of all sales in the Order Routing queue.


Sales that have a brown-gold shaded background can be selected and voided or they can be selected and routed to 1 store. Often a retailer will do a store transfer and allocate all products to 1 store and then route the order to that store. This will deduct stock in Lightspeed and save the order under the customer's profile.

You can decide whether to ship from that 1 store or have each store ship the products they have. Sometimes it is better for you and your customer to collect everything for the order and ship it all in 1 box. Often retailers will ship everything to 1 store and then have that store ship to the customer.

If you void the order, it will not be sent to Lightspeed (or ShipStation). 

Sales that have a white-shaded background have already been sent to a store or voided. There is no need to address these orders. 







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