How do I force sync a product instantly to Shopify?

In Hyperspace, click on the Inventory tab at the top.


This will open up a view of all your products that exist in Lightspeed.


You can search by Product title, System ID, tags and more.


If you just created your product a second ago in Lightspeed and do not see it in the list in Hyperspace, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click MORE > LOAD INVENTORY



This function may run for a few minutes. It will search your entire Lightspeed product database for new products and new product updates and bring them into Hyperspace. 

Once you have located your product, make sure it is selected 'SELL ON WEB'. Check to make sure the SELL ON WEB checkbox is checked. If this checkbox is not checked, the product will not sync to Shopify.


The next step is to click the checkbox on the far left next to the product. See example below. You are SELECTING a product that has already been marked SELL ON WEB.



NOTE: If the product is shaded RED it will not sync. This means that the entire product is not selected to SELL ON WEB correctly. Potentially the product is an Item-Matrix product with variants and you selected all the children products, but forgot to mark the Master SELL ON WEB. 


Once you have SELECTED the product, click the button at the bottom of the Inventory window called: Web Store Sync Selected.


You can also select more than one product and click this button. You could easily select 100 products and click Web Store Sync Selected to sync those 100 products specifically. This is also a good tool to use if you have to update an existing product right away (e.g. price change).

This process should only take a few seconds to sync (less than 60 seconds).

If the process is taking longer, it could be that you have one or more automatic processes running at this time. Once the process finishes, your product will appear in the Shopify Admin. 




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