Can you create an incomplete Sales Order in Lightspeed via the API?

Hyperspace has numerous integrations that download sales orders back to Lightspeed from a 3rd party source. Visit to see all of the integrations we offer for Lightspeed Retail. Orders typically download every .01 seconds - 5 minutes depending on the integration and your Hyperspace integration settings. 

Sometimes in certain workflows retailers ask to create an incomplete or unposted sales order in Lightspeed Retail. This enables the retailer to add more detail to the sale and then commit/complete the sale on their own inside the POS. An incomplete sale will not adjust stock levels in Lightspeed.  Creating this type of process requires special development and testing.

Lightspeed does allow you to create an incomplete sales order via the API, but the payments do not appear in the payments tab.  

The main sales screen will show the Transaction details and the status of Complete will be No.The payments total will even show up on the top right.


When you click the Payments button it will be empty.  You will need to re-open the sale and apply your own payment or develop additional processes to alter the sale.


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