Troubleshooting red-shaded Orders/Invoices

If you attempt to enroll a device to Apple and the order comes back shaded red, Hyperspace can help you 'decode' the reason why.


If you are hosting your Apple Device Enrollment Instance with Hyperspace please send over the Invoice ID and we can look into it for you.

If you are hosting your Apple Device Enrollment Instance internally we will need to review the JSON in the API Log report. 

Often you can fix red orders by changing the Delivery number and resending it to Apple.  Click on the article below to view the steps required.

To access the JSON, you will need to open the API Log. 

Click on the Report tab at the top of Hyperspace.


From the list of reports click on the API Log report.


The latest actions will always appear at the top of the report.  There is always 1 action to send the request to Apple and Apple's response letting you know they received it. There is second action to get the response back from Apple to see if they have accepted your request. This is called the 'Check Transaction Status' response. It contains the details about why your submission was not accepted.

For example, your JSON might look like this:



In order to troubleshoot this, we need both the Override product JSON and the Check Transaction Status JSON. The Check Transaction Status shows us the error details from Apple.

Please copy both into an email or text file and send this to Hyperspace to review. 


 Please do not send an image or screenshot. Hyperspace will need the actual text to assist.

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