Magento 2 integration options for Lightspeed

Hyperspace provides advanced integrations for Magento 2 Community and Magento 2 Enterprise.

The Hyperspace/Magento integration will sync data between Lightspeed and Magento 2. New products entered in Lightspeed will sync up to Magento 2. Changes to existing product fields in Lightspeed such as product name, price, stock level, weight, dimensions, attributes, tags, categories, descriptions, manufacturer, custom fields and more are updated as well.  Online orders from sales in Magento 2 will automatically download to Lightspeed to ensure that you never oversell your inventory. The Hyperspace/Magento 2 integration will attach the web order to your Lightspeed customer sales history and create a new customer account if it doesn’t exist already.

Magento 2 Integration Options:

Hyperspace offers 2 types of integration solutions to sync products and stock:

Hyperspace Magento Extension 1.0 - This extension enables you to sync stock by location from Lightspeed. In Lightspeed you can create multiple locations and warehouses. Each location can manage its own stock levels for each product. 

By using Extension 1.0 you can create locations in Magento that perfectly match your locations in Lightspeed. Hyperspace will sync stock to each location in Magento. This extension is ideal for clients that want to:

A. Show customers the stock levels online at each store.

B. Integrate advanced store pickup options into the Magento checkout.

C. Selectively choose which locations in Lightspeed sync stock to Magento. 

Note 1:  If using Extension 1.0 with a larger number of stores (15+) combined with a large number of SKU's (100,000+) be sure to architect your Magento MYSQL database accordingly to handle the volume of requests.  If you have 15 stores, that implies that Magento needs to manage 15 stock levels per product instead of 1.

Note 2: Extension 1.0 requires WYOMIND Advanced Inventory. You must purchase 1 license of this extension to be used with Hyperspace Magento Extension 1.0.

Note 3: A Hyperspace Cloud account is required to use Extension 1.0.

Hyperspace Magento Extension 2.0 - This extension enables you to sync total stock in Lightspeed to Magento 2. Hyperspace will sync the total stock for all locations in Lightspeed to Magento 2. If you have 1 store or 100 stores, the stock that will sync to Magento will be the total stock for that product at all locations.  

This extension is ideal for clients that:

A. Only have 1 store location and only need to sync 1 stock level regardless.

B. Clients that wish to sync 1 stock level to Magento for all locations. This is a common choice for clients than have between 20 and 200 stores. Syncing a single stock to Magento 2 ensures that the Magento MYSQL database operates at a high-level of performance.

Note 1: A Hyperspace Cloud account is required to use Extension 2.0.

Can I still use Extension 2.0 and show stock levels online?

Yes, but it would require some additional custom development. Hyperspace has an API that can be used to pull product stock levels from Lightspeed in close to real-time into Magento 2.   You can implement a 'check stock for this product' button into Magento 2. When customers click this button on your product page, it can retrieve the stock levels in seconds and display the stock levels at the closest store(s).  Contact your Hyperspace PM for additional details and pricing.

Can I automatically route orders to the location in Lightspeed with the most stock?

Yes. Both Extension 1.0 and Extension 2.0 support that functionality. 

How can I enable pick up in-store so customers can select the closest store with stock when using Extension 2.0?

Hyperspace can modify the Extension 2.0 to include Custom Store Pickup web services on the Magento 2 Checkout Page. This option does require additional custom development. For customers selecting store pickup at checkout, the extension will display the closest 3 stores that have all products in stock by referencing the customer's address.  Completed store pickup orders will be routed to the store location in Lightspeed (based on the selection by the customer in Magento 2 checkout). Store Managers will be notified via email of the pending store pickup purchase so they can pull the product from the shelf. Contact your Hyperspace PM for additional details and pricing.



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