Testing the Lightspeed OnSite Connection to the Device Enrollment Solution

Lightspeed OnSite Point of Sale is often hosted internally on a server. Lightspeed OnSite includes an API. This API is accessed by communicating directly with the dedicated IP address of the OnSite server or through a proxy to the IP address setup by your IT department. 

There are 2 security measures in place that are required before Hyperspace can communicate with the Lightspeed OnSite API.

A. Your serial number is submitted to Lightspeed. Lightspeed authorizes your instance of Lightspeed OnSite to communicate with the an application registered with Lightspeed. In this case, the application registered is the Hyperspace Device Enrollment Solution.  Your Hyperspace representative can assist you in registering your OnSite license to communicate with the correct Hyperspace Application Code. Only applications that are registered can successfully communicate with the Lightspeed Onsite API.

B. The API requires a Lightspeed OnSite concurrent user license with a valid username and password. This requires that you setup a user in Lightspeed Onsite. If you delete the user or change the credentials in Lightspeed OnSite Point of Sale, you will need to redo the Hyperspace settings to continue to communicate with the Lightspeed OnSite API.

Once A and B are completed, Hyperspace can communicate with Lightspeed OnSite's API and request the information needed to enroll devices to Apple.

You can test your connection by logging into your Hyperspace instance. 

At the top right corner, go to your Account Settings:


At the top of the screen you will see a tab called Account Settings.


Scroll down to the middle of the page and you will see a blue button labeled: Test Connect Lightspeed POS,


Click this button to test if the connection is successful.

If requested, Hyperspace can run a telnet to a specific IP address and port 9630. Port 9630 is the open port required to communicate with Lightspeed OnSite's API. Please allow 12 hours from the submission of your request to get back the results.





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