Testing the Ratex connection to the Apple Device Enrollment Solution

Ratex Point of Sale is often hosted internally on a server. Sometimes it is hosted directly with Ratex. Ratex Point of Sale includes its own API. This API is accessed by communicating directly with a specific URL accessible on the Ratex server or through a proxy setup by your IT department. 

Often the URL to communicate with Ratex looks like this:


If you are Saturn University, your path would look like this:


Ratex has 2 paths. One for the Ratex Point of Sale sandbox and one for the Ratex Point of Sale production. The production version has the word 'omni' and the sandbox has the word 'omniupg' in the URL. 

For example, here is how Saturn University appears:

Sandbox URL:


Production URL:


If you do not know your pathname for Ratex please contact your IT department or Ratex directly.

Note: The port listed in the URL (8443) is the most common one setup by Ratex. It is possible that your port is different. You can verify this by contacting Ratex.

The Ratex API also requires a valid username and password. This requires that you setup an admin user in Ratex that has API access permissions. If you delete the user or change the credentials in Ratex, you will need to redo the Hyperspace settings to continue to communicate with the Ratex API.

The pathname, username and password can be updated in your Hyperspace settings.

You can test your connection by logging into your Hyperspace instance. 

At the top right corner, go to your Account Settings:


At the top of the screen you will see a tab called API Settings.


On the right you will see a blue button labeled: Test Ratex Connection


Click this button to test if the connection is successful.

If requested, Hyperspace can run a telnet to a specific pathname and port. Please allow 12 hours from the submission of your request to get back the results.

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