Hide new products from appearing for sale online

You may want to create products in Lightspeed and sync them up to Shopify, but hide them from appearing online. For example, you may want to embellish the product with additional details before it is presented online or it may not be available for sale until a certain date. 

Hyperspace contains 2 settings that you can activate to ensure that products appear online at the right time.


The first setting 'Force all new products to upload with visibility disabled' will sync the new product to Shopify, but it will 'uncheck' the online store from your channels. This action only occurs when the product is first created in Shopify. This will ensure that the product does not appear in your Online store immediately after it syncs. When you are ready to sell the product you can login to your Shopify admin and turn this channel back on.


The second setting 'Do not update publish product scheduling after product creation' is a setting that turns off Hyperspace's ability to update the publish date in Shopify.  Once you sync the product to Shopify you can login to the Shopify admin and set the publish date in Shopify. Hyperspace will not overwrite this date when it syncs.  The product will only appear online for sale when the publish date matches the current day and time.


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