Sales Order and Split Order Syncing to Lightspeed

In order to deduct stock and record sales in Lightspeed from a 3rd party system, Hyperspace will often sync the sale to Lightspeed. When Lightspeed receives the sale it will reduce stock for all line items on the sale. There is no option to change a setting in Lightspeed to avoid reducing stock went a sale in synced to its Point of Sale. This is an automatic process in Lightspeed.

Hyperspace integrations sync the entire sale to Lightspeed, which reduces stock in Lightspeed for all line items on the sale. Hyperspace has multiple integrations and some of the integrations work differently than others when syncing a sale. 

For example:

    1. Some integrations will only sync sales to 1 store location in Lightspeed.
    2. Some integrations will sync the entire sale to the store with the most stock. If the sale has 4 items and there are no store locations that have all 4 items in stock, Hyperspace will sync to the ‘best’ store that can best fulfill the order. Any items that are not available at the ‘best’ store will have their inventory auto-added in Lightspeed or inventory will go negative if you have negative inventory activated.  You will need to do a store transfer in Lightspeed from 1 store location to the other in order to correct the inventory.
    3. Some integrations will sync the entire sale to the store with the most stock, but if no stores have all stock to fulfill the entire order it will be held in a Hyperspace Order Queue and an email notification will be sent out. The web manager will login to Hyperspace and void the order or push it to a specific store location. Since the order is being held in Hyperspace, inventory will not be reduced in Lightspeed until the order is pushed.
    4. For specific custom integrations, Hyperspace has developed the ability to do split orders. This can be a complex process to support and manage since it requires Hyperspace to split the sale into multiple parts. This process involves breaking the sale into 2 or more parts when 1 store location cannot fulfill the entire order. Hyperspace will remove line items from the original sale and create new sales. Hyperspace will route each part of the sale to the store that can fulfill it.  1 online order that needs to be fulfilled by 3 stores will become 3 different sales orders in Lightspeed.
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