DEP-ERR-4305 Device unavailable. The device is assigned to another reseller...

If you are receiving the following error in your API report for a device that you are attempting to enroll:

DEP-ERR-DE-4305 Device unavailable. The device is assigned to another reseller for a different normal (OR) or override (OV) order. Try using a different device ID and resubmit your request.

It is likely that the device was not purchased by the University through your Institutional account with Apple. The devices that you are attempting to enroll were most likely purchased through an Apple Reseller such as Ingram Micro or they were purchased by your University through your account for student-owned devices. 

Your Hyperspace Apple Device Enrollment Solution will only allow you to enroll devices that were purchased through your ER03 account. 

If the devices were purchased through your student-owned (ER) account with Apple, you will need to enroll them using Apple Configurator.  Please reference the article below to learn how to enroll devices that were not purchased through your ER03 account.

Here are a couple things to check:

1. Confirm that the serial number you are trying to enroll is correct. Check for typo's or O's that should be zero's (0).

2. Try overriding your Delivery Number and sync the order to Apple again to see if you get the same results.

If you are still unable to determine the reason for the error, Hyperspace can contact Apple on your behalf and verify that the device and it's corresponding serial number were purchased through your own ER03 account.


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