Printing Custom Price Stickers for Lightspeed

The Hyperspace price sticker application is designed to print price stickers with no limits on size or content. It is ideal for businesses that need the following:

  1. Printing barcodes that are based on the UPC or Custom SKU versus the System ID.
  2. Printing unique barcode formats.
  3. Printing more than 1 price sticker size. Support for more than 1 template.
  4. Printing information on the price sticker that is not supported in Lightspeed such as custom fields, brand, manufacturer SKU, vendor, etc.
  5. Printing an odd shape or size that is not supported by Lightspeed's own price sticker application.
  6. Improving operations by printing stickers in bulk via category or tag.
  7. Improving operations by printing stickers for item(s) that were received on a Purchase Order in Lightspeed recently.
  8. Improving operations by printing stickers in bulk for only the item(s) that are in stock.
  9. Improving operations by printing stickers in bulk based on a list from an excel sheet.

The Hyperspace team is able to customize your price sticker template to meet your specific requirements. We can customize the application to print any format and size you wish. 

When you place your order, you define exactly what dimensions are required. You can even provide a rough sketch of the template that you need. It is your responsibility to tell Hyperspace the exact height and width you need for your price sticker and we customize it accordingly.

There are settings in your Hyperspace application where we enter the dimensions. We test with you to make sure the print layout of the template meets your needs exactly.


The Price Sticker application communicates directly with Lightspeed. It displays all of your products in Lightspeed. Based on your selections in the Price Sticker application, the Price Sticker application will produce a PDF.  



You can send the PDF to any printer and it will print your stickers. The PDF output looks similar to this:


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hyperspace support all printers?

Hyperspace can support any printer that can print from a PDF.

Does Hyperspace assist with printer installation and setup?

No. It is your responsibility to setup and install your own printer. The Hyperspace application only produces a PDF. We do not configure print drivers or install software on your computer.  

What is the development cost per price sticker template?

The Hyperspace application includes several out-of-the-box templates. If you need to adjust an existing template or create a brand new one, the development fee is $250 per template. 


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