Displaying Shopify Locations and Store Pickup Locations in Shopify

In Shopify and Shopify Plus you can enable locations. You can set up multiple locations in your Shopify store so that you can track inventory and fulfill orders at your locations. Your locations can be retail stores, warehouses or any other place where you manage inventory. With multiple locations, you have better visibility into your inventory across your business.

Hyperspace can sync stock from Lightspeed locations to Shopify locations. The number of locations you can activate depends on your Shopify license. See below.

Shopify Lite - 3
Basic Shopify - 4
Shopify - 5
Advanced Shopify - 8
Shopify Plus - 20+

In Shopify, How do I display the stock levels for my stores on the product page?

Often retailers want to display their different stores and the corresponding inventory levels on the product pages for customers to see. This tells interested customers which stores have available stock.  Some retailers like to display whether the store has stock (e.g. in-stock, out of stock) and others like to show the exact stock count (e.g. 2 units).  

Shopify and Shopify Plus (e.g. Shopify Enterprise) do not have this ability built into their theme by default. Even though the stores locations and the stock levels at each store appear in the Shopify admin, you need to implement custom solutions to get this information to display publicly to your customers. Hyperspace offers this service for $4,000 (42 hrs) and it takes 3-4 weeks to implement.

In Shopify, How do I enable store pickup and only show the stores that have stock?

This service requires Shopify Plus (e.g. Shopify Enterprise). Access to the source code on the checkout page is only available in this version. Shopify does not allow this in the basic version.

If you want to show the stores that have available stock on your checkout page when customers choose 'store pickup' as their shipping method we can assist with that also. This service will display the available stores on the checkout page that have stock. Your customer can choose store pickup and select the store.  Hyperspace offers this service for $4,000 and it takes 4 weeks to implement.


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