How do I push a Transfer Order that did not sync?

In Hyperspace, click on the NetSuite tab at the top.


Below that tab you will see a green button called 'NetSuite Transfer Orders'.  Click this button to open a new window.


This will display all of your transfer orders received from the NetSuite API. If the Transfer Order is not in the list, this means it was not sent to Hyperspace by NetSuite.  Some clients have certain settings in place to only send specific transfer orders that have a specific department or division. You will want to double-check that the transfer order was created correctly in NetSuite if it doesn't appear in this list.

Transfer Orders with a YELLOW DOT synced successfully. In fact, you can see the Purchase Order number that was created in LIghtspeed from this screen.


Transfer Orders with a RED DOT did not sync successfully.


Often you can see the error on the far right to tell you why the order did not sync. For example, here is an order with an error message.


This means the order was created in NetSuite for a new store location. It is likely that the client just opened a brand new store. The new store location is not mapped to a location in Lightspeed in the Hyperspace settings. In order to resolve this error, you will need to create a corresponding store location in Lightspeed to match the one in NetSuite. Once that is done you can map the two locations together in your NetSuite settings. 

Once the new store location in Lightspeed and NetSuite are mapped (associated) together in your Hyperspace settings you can click the checkbox next to the transfer order and click the 'Update Selected Transfer Orders to Lightspeed' button at the bottom of the screen.


This will attempt to re-sync the Transfer Order with the RED DOT to Lightspeed. Once it has successfully synced the RED DOT will change to a YELLOW DOT.


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