Amazon Integration for Item-Matrix products

The Hyperspace Amazon integration will sync all simple products in Lightspeed as simple products in Amazon. It will create 1 listing for each simple product.

The Hyperspace Amazon integration will sync all Item-Matrix products in Lightspeed with variants (blue, red, green, small, medium, large) as master/variant products to Amazon.  There is no option to sync Item-Matrix products in Lightspeed as simple products to Amazon.

When you create your products in Lightspeed, it is important that you match your attributes sets and attributes so they associate correctly with Amazon's attribute sets and attributes.

Attribute Sets

Both Amazon and Lightspeed have Attribute Sets. Attribute Sets can be defined as a list of attributes where all the characteristics of a product are demonstrated.

In Lightspeed, there are multiple attribute sets created for you by default. You can see them by clicking on Inventory > Inventory Maintenance Section > Matrix Attribute Sets


This will open a new tab that will show the default Attribute Sets that exist in Lightspeed.


You can also create numerous custom Attribute Sets in Lightspeed. Each Attribute Set in Lightspeed will also show the different attributes under each set. For example, in Lightspeed you can create a custom Attribute Set called: Socks and the attributes associated to Socks might be color and fabric type. 

In Amazon, you also have attribute sets. In fact, Amazon goes 1 step further and creates attribute sets for different category and product types. For example, here is a list of several Amazon categories and sub-categories.


Each category/sub-category has a specific attribute set you can assign to all products in that category. 

Open your Hyperspace settings and navigate to Account Settings > Amazon Settings > Match Amazon Categories to Lightspeed.

In this section you will map each category/subcategory tree to its corresponding category/subcategory in Amazon. There is also a section called Amazon Category Schema


If products in this category contain Item-Matrix products in Lightspeed, you will need to setup the correct Category Schema.  Products will not sync correctly if you have not assigned a Schema or assigned an incorrect Schema.

 For example, (see below) the client has selected a:

1. Category Schema =Jewelry

2. A Product Type = Watch

The Category Schema and Product Type determines the available Variation Theme (Amazon Attribute Set) you can choose. The Variation theme determines what attributes in Amazon you can associate to your Lightspeed Attribute Set.


Selecting the Lightspeed Attribute Set of Color which has 1 attribute of Color will associate your attribute values (blue, red, green) in Lightspeed to the corresponding attribute set of BandColor in Amazon and the attribute of Color in the BandColor attribute set.




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