Configuring your NetSuite Categories for your Point of Sale

In Hyperspace you have 3 settings to select from when configuring your category sync for new products created in your Point of Sale.


In the first setting you can choose to sync categories from one of the following:

1. NetSuite Class

2. NetSuite Custom Field

3. Multiple NetSuite Custom Fields

4. or none of the above. You are not required to sync data to your Lightspeed category field.


If you select Multiple NetSuite Custom Fields, you can choose to include a category separator that will be inserted between categories when products are created in Lightspeed.  You can chose to use a : or , as your separator.


If you select NetSuite Class in the first setting, there is nothing to select in the final setting. If you selected to use one or more custom fields, you will need to add the custom field ID in NetSuite to the 3rd open field.


The final setting is used to define the custom field ID or multiple custom field ID's that are used to pull the category value into your Point of Sale when creating products.



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