WooCommerce Integration: General Summary

Hyperspace provides numerous eCommerce integrations for Point of Sale systems, including Magento 2, Shopify and WooCommerce integration. Many of the integrations follow a similar methodology. 

Product Creation

Products are created in the Point of Sale. Point of Sale solutions like Lightspeed enable you to create products with images, descriptions, weights, variants, categories and more.  You select the products that should appear on your web store and the products are created automatically as listings online

Stock Sync from your Point of Sale

Once the listings are created online, all stock changes that occur in your Point of Sale sync to your web store. In your Point of Sale, many things can affect stock such as In-store sales, returns, exchanges, purchase orders, work orders, stock adjustments and more. 

Point of Sale stock changes > Hyperspace > Product stock online

All stock changes in the store sync to your online store.

Sales and Returns sync from your Web Store

Sales and returns from your online web store download back to Lightspeed. This is how stock is adjusted in your Point of Sale due to sales or returns online. Once the sale or return is received by the Point of Sale, the Point of Sale will adjust its own stock.

Online Sales > Hyperspace > Point of Sale 

This process ensures that even if stock is changing for products in the store at the same instant the online sale is syncing, all stock will be adjusted correctly.

Online orders in your web store will automatically download to the Point of Sale to ensure that you never oversell your inventory. Refunds will automatically initiate an automatic refund in the Point of Sale. It will also create a new customer account in the Point of Sale if it doesn’t exist already, and attach all online sales orders and online refunds to each customer’s account.

What happens if I change the stock in the web store directly?

Your Point of Sale is the master of inventory. The stock will be overwritten by Hyperspace. If you change the stock for a product in your web store, Hyperspace will replace your change with the current stock level in your Point of Sale.  If you need to adjust stock for a specific product, it is recommended that you do this in your Point of Sale.

What if the stock level for a product in my Point of Sale is different compared to the stock level in my eCommerce site?

Sometimes employees will accidentally create the product in your web store instead of your Point of Sale or vice versa. Often the issue comes down to human error. Please send your example product to Hyperspace support and we will review it and let you know why that issue occurred and how to resolve it.  All stock levels in your Point of Sale should always match the stock levels in your web store.

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