How to sync 1 specific Product from NetSuite to Lightspeed

Login to your Hyperspace account and click the Inventory tab at the top of Hyperspace.


This will open a view of all products that exist in Lightspeed. Locate the product that you want to sync and click the checkbox to the far left.


If you do not use Hyperspace for eCommerce integration (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento Enterprise) ignore the SELL ON WEB checkbox. Only check the box to the far left like the example above.

Click the button at the bottom of Hyperspace called: 'NetSuite Sync Selected'


This will pull all data from your NetSuite account for the selected product and sync it to Lightspeed. This enables you to easily test the sync process for creating new products and updating existing products from NetSuite to Lightspeed. 


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