How does Hyperspace associate line items on a Lightspeed sale with a Cash Sale in NetSuite?

All products are created in NetSuite and then sync up to Lightspeed. When Hyperspace creates the product in Lightspeed, it associates the NetSuite ID (e.g. 3208) to the Lightspeed SYSTEM ID (e.g. 21000083221).

These are the 2 values that exist in both systems that cannot be duplicated and remain unique.

Since the line item(s) on a Lightspeed sale originated from NetSuite to begin with, Hyperspace already knows the Internal ID of the product in NetSuite before it syncs the sale into Lightspeed.

Hyperspace uses the Internal ID for the products in NetSuite when creating the sale inside NetSuite. This also ensures that any other variables that you applied to the item in NetSuite are inherited correctly.

In the case where a product on the sale no longer exists in NetSuite (e.g. Employee accidentally deleted it from NetSuite), Hyperspace will post an error message about the missing items to the red sale in Hyperspace.





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