Troubleshooting Order Import with Ratex

When you complete a sale in Ratex for Apple's Device Enrollment Program, the sale will be packaged and sent to Hyperspace for enrollment.  Ratex will only send orders that it deems applicable for Apple DEP. If Ratex does not think the sale is applicable, it will not send it to Hyperspace.

If your order does not import into Ratex, be sure to check the following:

A. Is the product you sold marked for Apple's Device Enrollment Program?

B. Was the product sold to a customer with an Apple DEP ID (Organizational ID)?

C. Does the product have a family, brand or supplier of Apple?

If one of the following were not completed or not completed at the time sale was created, it is recommended to try this:

Resetting the DEP Sent flag in Ratex

If an order does not import into Hyperspace, please login to Ratex and edit the POS.VST.YTD. For example, if you have issues importing these orders 2.1.0616.8500.18142, 2.1.0616.8504.18142, and 2.1.0619.0985.18146.

You will want to edit the POS.VST.YTD for 2.1.0616.8500.18142, 2.1.0616.8504.18142, and 2.1.0619.0985.18146.

The DEP.STATUS most likely shows ‘sent’ and you will need to edit the DEP.STATUS back to null and a DEP.DATE of null. This will tell Ratex to include these orders in the next push (API call) sent to Hyperspace.

Verify the Ratex to Hyperspace Connection

In Hyperspace, go to Account Settings > API settings. You will see a blue button that will enable you to test your Ratex Connection.


Click the blue button to confirm that Hyperspace is able to communicate with Ratex.

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