Shopify Inventory Sync Options

Frequently Asked Questions:

My company has franchises so each business has their own Point of Sale account. They do not all share the same Point of Sale instance. Can I still sync stock to Shopify?

Yes, but that is a custom project and requires our Shopify Franchise Integration. That integration will enable you to have several Lightspeed accounts that will all sync to 1 instance of Shopify. Sales will be routed back to the franchise that can best fulfill the order.

Can I connect more than 1 Shopify website to my Point of Sale?

Yes. We have clients that have 6+ Shopify websites connected to 1 Point of Sale.

My Point of sale instance has 3 different stores but I only want to sync stock from 2, is that possible?

Yes. There are 2 modes in Shopify: Default Mode and Locations Mode

Default Mode: This is how Shopify comes 'out of the box'.  Shopify only has the ability to store 1 stock total for each product. So if you have 3 units at store A, 4 units at store B and 1 unit at store C, Shopify will show that you have 8 units in stock (3+4+1 = 8)

Locations Mode: To activate this mode you will need to turn it on in Shopify. If you have 3 units at store A, 4 units at store B and 1 unit at store C, Shopify will know the stock levels at each store. 

In your Shopify admin, Shopify will show that you have the following stock levels at each store:

  1. Store A = 3
  2. Store B = 4
  3. Store C = 1

Hyperspace will enable you to select the specific locations in Lightspeed that will sync stock for the Default mode and Locations mode. 

Can orders still route to a priority location (e.g Warehouse) or the store that has the most stock with Default or Location mode?

Yes. Whether you use Default mode or Locations mode in Shopify Hyperspace will still route orders using the logic you setup in Hyperspace. So it doesn't matter whether you use either mode since orders will still route correctly to the correct store locations in your Point of Sale.

Is there a downside to turning on Shopify Locations mode?

Yes. According to the note in your Shopify admin, once you turn on this mode you cannot turn it off again.

Also the number of locations you can activate in your Shopify admin depends on your Shopify license. See below.

Shopify Lite - 3
Basic Shopify - 4
Shopify - 5
Advanced Shopify - 8
Shopify Plus - 20+

If you open more stores in the future, you may need to purchase a more expensive license from Shopify.


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