Web Store Tab: Removal of WYSIWYG Editor

Lightspeed has recently updated their web store tab and removed all of the icons above the web short and web long description. 


The boxes no longer support natural spacing either. If you use descriptions that contain formatting other than a single paragraph of text you will need to insert your descriptions with HTML. We realize that a lot of our users don't know HTML and this presents a lot of complications. 

Hopefully Lightspeed adds this feature back into their platform in the future, but at this time we have no information that they will do so anytime soon. Here is what we recommend as a short-term fix. 

The current web store tab looks like this. All of the icons are missing.


There are tools online that you can use that will display the HTML version of your text. For example, here is one we recommend.


You type what you want in the box to the left and it instantly appears in HTML in the box on right. You can copy and paste the HTML on the right directly into Lightspeed’s web long and web short descriptions.



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