Testing the Age Verification App

When first testing your app, it is recommended that you schedule an onboarding meeting with your Hyperspace representative to review your rules and settings.

To test the application, login to Vend Point of Sale and open a register.

Click on the SELL button in VEND.


Add a product to your sale that requires Age Verification.

NOTE: If testing be sure to DISCARD each sale before starting a new test. Click the DISCARD SALE button in Vend to discard your current test and start a new one.


Click the PAY button. A screen will appear in Vend Point of Sale similar to the one below.


Click the Continue button. A screen will appear in Vend Point of Sale similar to the one below.


Scan the 2D Barcode on the Drivers License. For example, in California you would scan the part of the license highlighted in RED.


If you scan the correct part of the license, the screen in Vend Point of Sale will show a long string of letters and numbers like this.



Here is a sample block of output using KeyWedge Mode on the scanner. You can even copy and paste this directly into the form field above (without scanning) and it will show you the results.




If you scan the incorrect part of the Driver's License accidentally, you can delete what was scanned into the field and scan the Driver's License again. Click the continue button when you have finished scanning the license.

The next screen will let you know the results of your scan.


After you click the Accept button, you can accept payment. The results of your transaction will be permanently stored in the Hyperspace audit log.


Configuring your Scanner for BASIC or KeyWedge Mode

Hyperspace is not a support representative for SocketScan. We can guide you with best efforts, but it is your responsibility to configure your scanner correctly. Click the link below to open the scanner manual.

Manual for SocketScan 700 series (S700, S730, S740)

The scanner should be in BASIC mode. It should not be in Application mode. Typically the scanner is in BASIC mode out of the box. Configuring your scanner can be different depending on the device you are connecting to.




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