Product Syncing Tips

If your product is not syncing or updating stock from Lightspeed to your eCommerce site it is recommended that you first look into the following:

1. Are any of the products or variants archived in Lightspeed?  If you are syncing an Item-Matrix product be sure to check both the Item Master and the children products.

2. Was this product created directly in your eCommerce site instead of Lightspeed? 

3. Does the web store ID noted in Hyperspace exist and does it match the product in Shopify?


4. Was this product deleted in your eCommerce site and then recreated as a new product in your eCommerce site with the same SKU?

5. Was the inventory manually adjusted directly in your eCommerce site instead of Lightspeed?  All inventory adjustments should be done in Lightspeed.  If you adjust stock directly in Shopify, Hyperspace will not automatically overwrite that with the stock in Lightspeed.

6. Did the product start out as a simple product that was merged together to create an Item-Matrix product?

7. Did the product start out as an Item-Matrix product with simple products that was broken apart to create simple products?

8. Is your Lightspeed connection active? Login to Hyperspace and click the Load Inventory button at the bottom of the Inventory tab. The Load Inventory button is located under the GREEN 'MORE' button.



If Load Inventory was unsuccessful, please refer this article.

9. Examine what SKU is being populated by Hyperspace in your eCommerce site. Often this is the SYSTEM ID or Custom SKU in Lightspeed. Verify that other products in Lightspeed or your online store do not already contain the same SKU. Duplicate SKU's in either system can cause product creation issues.

10. Check your permissions. The employee that was originally used to create the API token (Hyperspace connection) to Lightspeed has the same permissions as Hyperspace. If you turn off permissions for the employee, this also deactivates permissions for Hyperspace too.

Did someone recently change permissions for the employee in Lightspeed? You can check this by accessing the Employee Roles in Lightspeed.


 11. Did you recently activate Locations Mode in Shopify? If this was done, there are settings in Hyperspace account that need to be activated. Please reach out to your Hyperspace PM to activate this.

12. Does the product in Lightspeed have more than 100 combined variants? For example, a product with 10 colors and each color has 12 sizes would have (10 x 12) 120 variants which is not allowed on Shopify and other eCommerce platforms.

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