Troubleshooting Order Download Issues


Here are a few things to check if online orders are not downloading to Lightspeed. There are 2 articles below. 

If no orders are downloading to Lightspeed.

1. Make sure that the register is open in the Point of Sale.

2. Click the blue Load inventory button in Hyperspace to confirm that it syncs successfully.

3. Does the default employee still exist in the Point of Sale?

4. Does manually clicking the download web orders button in Hyperspace work? 

5. Are the permissions in Lightspeed for the employee that created the API token good?

6. Are the permissions for the Token good? (e.g. Shopify Private App Permissions)

4. Are one or more products archived on the order in the Point of Sale?


If some orders are downloading to Lightspeed, but not others.

1. Does the sale have odd items, fees, tips or products that did not originate in Lightspeed?

2. Did all products on the sale come from the Point of Sale originally? Do the products on the order exist in Lightspeed?

3. Was a refund or return initiated on the sale in the eCommerce platform before the sale downloaded to the Point of Sale?

4. Did you recently add a new payment method? Is the payment method mapped correctly in your Hyperspace settings?  Try removing and replacing payment method. Even changing the name of the payment method in Lightspeed or through your eCommerce site can cause unmapped issues.

5. Does the Shipping method look valid?

6. Did you mark the order fulfilled before Hyperspace had a chance to download it? What is the status of the order that did not download to Lightspeed?

7. Are one or more products on the sale archived in Lightspeed?

8. Did you manually fulfill the order in your eCommerce site before Hyperspace had a chance to sync it to Lightspeed? Hyperspace only pulls (syncs) orders with a specific order status. That is configured in your Hyperspace setting.

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