VEND AGE ID - Integrating New Scanners

The Age ID Application supports Zebra barcode scanners that have the capability to scan a Driver's License. Zebra scanners can be configured to output the exact information on a drivers license to a single alphanumeric string.

If you would like to test a new model of scanner with this application (that is not a Zebra scanner) it is recommended to see if your scanner outputs the scan to a single alphanumeric string in the same format.  If it does, it is likely that the AGE ID application supports this 'out of the box' or with some minor modifications.


1. If you use a Windows PC Computer you can test this using WordPad. WordPad is an application that is included with every Windows Computer.

2. If you use an Apple Computer you can test this using TextEdit. TextEdit is an application that is included with every Mac Computer.


Part 1

Step 1: Open WordPad or TextEdit on your computer. 

Step 2: Scan a Drivers license and see if the output that is auto-pasted into WordPad or TextEdit looks similar to the alphanumeric string below.




If it does, then it might work with no special modifications required. If there is no output that appears in WordPad or TextEdit after you scan the license, there is going to be a configuration issue with your scanner or computer. The Age ID application cannot support this scanner unless you resolve the issue.


Part 2

The second part of the test is to see if the alphanumeric string follows the same format as Zebra's own format.


Step 3: Copy the entire alphanumeric string from WordPad or TextEdit.

Create a new sale in VEND, add 1 item that requires Age Verification and click the PAY button.

A screen will appear in Vend Point of Sale similar to the one below.



Click the Continue button. A screen will appear in Vend Point of Sale similar to the one below.



Do not scan a license. Copy the string from WordPad or TextEdit and Paste the single alphanumeric string into the field and click Continue.



The subsequent screen (after clicking continue) shows exactly how everything was parsed out. If all of the data looks correct on this screen, the scanner should work fine.

If the data does not look correct or certain fields did not populate correctly, your scanner is not supported and modifications to the AGE ID app will need to be made. 

Please submit the alphanumeric string to a Hyperspace support representative for further analysis. 

If one or more computers or scanners do not output an alphanumeric string to WordPad or TextEdit after scanning a Driver's License, please contact your hardware scanner support representative. Hyperspace cannot troubleshoot scanner hardware or scanner driver issues where the scanner will not output basic data. If WordPad or TextEdit cannot get the scanned data, then the AGE ID app will not be able to either.



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