Memory Reset for the Hyperspace Core

The Hyperspace platform is designed to update products that have changed in NetSuite ERP.  When you make a change to any field in NetSuite ERP on an item, that action automatically changes the modified date in NetSuite ERP.

The core memory in Hyperspace recalls the last time a product was changed in NetSuite ERP. When it sees a new modified date in NetSuite ERP, it automatically triggers an update to Heartland Retail Point of Sale.

If there are no changes to the modified date in NetSuite ERP, Hyperspace will ignore the product until it sees a new modified date.

There are 2 buttons in Hyperspace that will allow you to 'force' a sync on a product even if the modified date has not changed in NetSuite ERP.  The buttons below are located at the bottom of the NetSuite ERP tab in your Hyperspace Account.



You can select specific products by clicking the checkbox next to the product and push one of these buttons.  That will initiate a real-time update for the products you have selected.


Resetting the Memory for All Products

Typically there is no reason to reset your memory once you are live, but specific circumstances during testing may occur that require this to happen.  Resetting the memory for all products is a delicate procedure. You need to make sure that no other syncing processes are running at the same time.  For this reason, Hyperspace does not expose any functions that allow clients to reset their own memory. This process is done by our senior engineering team after business hours.

A client can request a memory reset with 24 hrs advanced notice. Typically all memory resets are initiated after business hours between the hours of 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Hyperspace does not provide this service during weekends or holidays. If you require a memory reset on your account, please contact your Hyperspace representative to schedule the reset.


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