Opt Out Procedures for eBay

Opting Out of eBay Marketplace Account Deletion/Closure Notifications

For any developer application that is not persisting any eBay data, there is an option to opt out of eBay marketplace account deletion/closure notifications. However, developers should be aware that failure to provide correct information may result in penalties or having their account disabled.

The process to opt out of eBay marketplace account deletion/closure notifications is described below:

First login to your eBay developer account.

  1. Sign into your developer account.
  2. Go to the Application Keys page.
  3. Click on the Notifications link to the right of your App ID. You will be taken to the Alerts and Notifications page shown below:


On the Marketplace Account Deletion page, slide the Not persisting eBay data toggle button to On. After doing this, the following pop-up box will load:

Exemption Note image

  1. Click the Confirm button in the pop-up box and the following screen will load:

    Notification Exemption Page image
  2. You'll need to select the Exemption reason checkbox, and optionally, include a note in the Additional information text box.  You can note that your system purges all data regularly and does not persist any eBay data.
  3. Click the Submit button to complete the exemption request. The following screen will load upon success.

Exemption Enabled image

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