How do I add the QR Code (base64 format) to my VEND Paper Receipt?


Note 1: You must be subscribed to 3rd Party Billing in VEND to utilize this feature.

Note 2: Sales made in Offline Mode in VEND will not have the QR code printed on the VEND receipt. You will need to print the receipt directly from Hyperspace if you are operating in offline mode. 

Note 3: iOS Register v5.1.3 includes QR code support if you are subscribed to VEND 3rd party billing.
You can verify that you are subscribed to the E-Invoice App by logging into your VEND account and navigating to Setup.
You should see a Workflows tab under Store Credit. Click on the Workflows tab to view Custom Fields.
Under Custom Fields you should see a section called: E-INVOICE (See below)

An E-Invoice is generated by Hyperspace for every sale. Our system has the ability to generate both the simplified E-Invoices for retail customers and the complex E-Invoice for B2B customers.

Every E-Invoice for every sale can be accessed directly in your Hyperspace Account for audit purposes. The E-Invoice is for government compliance. In 2023, the E-Invoices will be automatically transmitted to the Zakat Tax Authority.

If the customer on the sale has an email address, the E-Invoice will be automatically transmitted by Hyperspace to the customer's email address if you wish. You can disable that function in your Hyperspace settings.

Hyperspace does include a function to add the QR Code in the base64 format per these guidelines to the VEND paper receipt. The same QR Code that appears on the Hyperspace E-Invoice will also appear on your VEND receipt. 

There is no need to login to Hyperspace and print E-Invoices. The VEND paper receipt (from VEND Point of Sale) includes the QR Code (base64 format) and this receipt can be provided to your customer.


I installed the Hyperspace App, but I don't see the QR Code on my VEND receipt?

VEND offers a cutting-edge solution for its platform called VEND Workflows. This is enabled by default when signing up for Third Part Billing in your VEND account.


The QR Code on my VEND receipt doesn't scan with my phone's camera?

That is expected. You need to download an app to your phone that is specifically designed to scan QR Code's in the base64 format.  Click here to learn more.







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