What is the price for the E-Invoice App?

All billing is through VEND directly. The E-Invoice App is $32 per store per month.

You will not receive any invoices from Hyperspace. All charges come directly from VEND. The monthly charges will be added to your regular VEND subscription.


Is there a cost for installation and setup?

There is no cost. All setup and installation is free.


What if I have more than 1 register?

VEND only charges per store for the E-Invoice App. If you have 1 store with 1 register and another store with 5 registers the cost is the same. (2 stores x $32 / month = $64).  The number of registers at each store does not affect the monthly subscription price. 


Is support included in the monthly subscription for the E-Invoice App?

Yes. Hyperspace offers phone support, email support and ticket support through Zendesk.


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