How do I subscribe to VEND 3rd Party Billing?

All charges for using the E-Invoice Application are billed directly through VEND Point of Sale. In order to activate 3rd party billing for your E-Invoice Application please follow the steps listed below. 


Step 1:  Login to VEND Point of Sale


Step 2: Login to your Hyperspace E-Invoice Application by clicking here:

Login for E-Invoice


Step 3: On the top right corner of your Hyperspace E-Invoice Application, go to your Account Settings.



Step 4. Click on the RED BAR at the top of the screen.


You will be automatically redirected to VEND Point of Sale. 


Step 5: Once redirected to VEND Point of Sale, you will be presented with a page that will ask you to subscribe.  See example below for 1 store license.


Step 6: Once you accept the monthly charges, you will be subscribed to the VEND E-Invoice Application. If you get an errors while subscribing to 3rd party billing at this step, please contact VEND Support for further assistance. 


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