Enrolling Devices for Apple DEP with Hyperspace - NetSuite ERP users

The first step is to create sales (with serialized devices) in NetSuite ERP for Apple's Device Enrollment Program. Be sure to mark the serialized devices for Apple DEP and enter the Organizational ID into the customer profile. For additional training on NetSuite, please contact your NetSuite representative.

In NetSuite ERP, at the top right corner of the screen you should see an Apple DEP tab. See example below. 

If you have created the sales correctly, they will appear in the Apple DEP tab in NetSuite. You can see all valid sales for Apple's Device Enrollment Program in the NetSuite section called Apple DEP > Records > Sales to Enroll.

You should also see the serial numbers for Apple's Device Enrollment Program in the tab called Apple DEP > Records > Serial Number





Hyperspace Invoices Page:


After you have created sales in NetSuite, login to Hyperspace and click on the Invoices tab at the top. At the bottom of the window click on the button 'Sync Orders from NetSuite'.


This will sync sales from NetSuite to Hyperspace.

Step 1: The order for the correlated serial numbers should now appear as a blue background with a yellow dot. See example below.


Step 2: Select the sales transaction (checkbox on left) and click on “Sync Orders to Apple”  at the bottom of the screen. The button name may vary depending on which version you are using.


At this time the order should have a blue background with a green dot. This means that the request has been successfully sent. Apple is now reviewing your request. It has not been approved yet.



Step 3: At this point, we need to check if Apple has accepted this order and enrolled your devices to the Apple Device Enrollment Program successfully.

At the bottom of the Invoices tab there is a green MORE button. Under that button you will find a button called: Check Transaction Status.


Click this button.

Step 3a.: Click on the green “More” button on the bottom of the page.

Step 3b: Select “Check Transaction Status” button. 

Step 4:  You should now see the order with a green background with a green dot. This means that the order was successfully sent over to Apple Device Enrollment.


The serial numbers attached to this invoice should now appear in your Apple Device Enrollment portal (MDM portal).


Other Errors:

If a RED background appears for any of the orders that you just tried to enroll, please reach out to info@hyperspacehq.com to troubleshoot the order.


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